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Dec. 2nd, 2017


Comment to '[Lyrics] H.our Time - Hey! Say! JUMP' by sayori_story2

Thank you soo much for translating. I don't know why but I'm crying.
This is a very unexpected 10th anniversary song.

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I don't know why but I guess I need to edit this and add more my thoughts.

I'm such a loner and want to put my thoughts somewhere not a lot of people would really read.

Anyways I don't know why but I did not expect the meaning of the song to be like this.

Like really.

I'm the type of person to always cry whenever I hear 5x10

but H.our time is a different type of tears I guess.


I can feel struggle and pain and thankfulness.

It's definitely different. 全然

I feel like I will also always cry for this song.

I can't even not think about him


You can't not think about him.

Especially talking about different paths.

aia 😩

I'm really the type to be brought into the world of a song.

I am actually crying right now because I'm looking at some comments from Japanese fans.

I don't want to put them here yet because I don't know how authentic those are really.

But I'll share this one message that got my attention.

A fan shared a message that Inoo wrote a long time ago on JUMPaper
















If you read the first characters and read it upwards it says


Which means

Morimoto! Hurry up and come back.

I don't want to say I know a lot

because it was my first time reading about this

I wish we can really know everything of what they feel.

not just these broken bits to their story.

This song feels like a teaser of a very incomplete story.

I really feel now that they are full of emotions.

So many hidden emotions.

It makes me think that if they write a song relaying all of their feelings

It would move anyone.

I really see Jump as a group full of emotions and passion.

Their feelings will not lose to anyone.

What they have is hidden from us therefore is precious.

We may someday know it.

But for now they are the ones who only know the hidden lines to the song.


Nov. 16th, 2017


my first hsj merch

I dunno why I felt like sharing

Not my first merch ever.

I just felt like sharing

Oct. 22nd, 2017


(no subject)

I can't believe it I'm not immune to fluff.

Jut a preview of the movie

Feb. 18th, 2016


(title unknown yet...)

Uwaaa. I don't wanna take all the credit. This story started because of akhikaru. Here is where it started.

actually after writing it I only realized that I made the story plot wider :)) I'm curious about how you would actually continue this yourself :) You're really good you know :) Is this super different from what you thought of? I'm curious :) Oh I think I'll have lots of pairings here. I just happened to continue where it left off >w/
In the restaurant, Jun's self appointed best friend noticed his ex boyfriend when the other started walking away. He wants to say it to his friend but thinks better of it. So he just continues the conversation.

"Hey MatsuJun. Are you sure you wanna leave? I mean sure being a model would get you more money than being a sushi master. But you'll be busier. And I wont get to see you much!" Aiba adds the last with a pout.

"If I'm going to be honest I was about to ask you to come with me."

"M-Me? Are you sure? Me? A model?" Aiba stuttered.

"Yes. You. Actually do you remember the time we went on an errand to Shinjuku? Apparently, we caught the attention of a guy who claims to be a CEO, well he talked to me when we split because I had to buy from the Korean store and you insisted to wait for me on the pet shop one block ahead. I'm gonna try mostly because he kept pestering me until I said yes and I can't say I'm not interested because I really am."

"Are you sure MatsuJun?" Aiba said unsurely. "I mean don't you think it's a bit cruel to Nagano-san if we're both leaving?"

"Nagano-san told me it's fine if we work part time for now until he finds other people he can talk to. I'm kinda worried about the guy who'll replace me. I don't trust him to hold my knives." Jun said while cleaning one of the said knives.

"Ahaha! So that's why you had lines all over your forehead! I do think Toma isn't as confident as you are with things in the kitchen. Anyways. What's the name of the CEO person you were talking to?" Aiba asked.

"Ninomiya Kazunari. He told me he just recently became a CEO, that's why he needs us. "I need a face for my pioneer project" he kept pestering me with that line. I get the feeling you'll meet him because I told him to invite you personally." Jun says distractedly.

"Oh. Ok. I better get back to work now. You better not have wrinkles on your forehead or I'll go back here to pester you." Aiba pokes the bridge of Juns nose and starts walking away.

It doesn't take a genius to know Jun is thinking about him again.


It's funny how they talked about Ninomiya the day before because that day, the said guy was walking through Tokio's door like he owned the place.

Well the owner's friend to be exact. It turns out he's friends with Nagase-san and his friends (Because Tokio is a joint venture between Nagase and his friends, his specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine. Others have French, Greek, Indian, Singaporean and American Cuisine) Nagase introduced him and his assistant Ohno Satoshi to all the staff and told them to take care of his guests.

Nino continued talking to Nagase san while his assistant walked towards Aiba.

"Hey." Ohno greeted. "I just learned last night that Nino wants you and Jun as models?"

"I just learned about it yesterday myself. I've been thinking about stopping him because I don't think he knows he works for Nino as well. It was a good thing MatsuJun was distracted yesterday so he didn't notice how shocked I was when I realized how close he would be to working with him. I kinda only realized when I remembered you were working for a guy named Nino. Aaaand I only remember as well because you don't usually talk about work and you started talking about work when the CEO changed." Aiba said. Eyebrows wriggling up and down

"I know. I'm sorry. I guess I should expect nothing escapes your eye. Well yes, my new boss is stingy as hell. But he has a good eye. He's only been my boss for a few months but everything runs smoothly. Heck, everything is even better now. Save for some departments that need to total change. Not that there is anything wrong with those it's just Nino wants something new. And that's where you guys come in."

"Wow Oh chan. You really do talk a lot when you changed bosses. I wasn't even listening anymore. I'm amazed you talked that long." Aiba's comment earned him a knock on the head.

"I get it. Yeah. I've been out of character since I met him. It's just he's different from my previous boss and so whimsical that I can't help being amazed at how different work is. I'm interested at how he sees the world."

"I get the feeling you're advertising him to me." Aiba says playfully but he's being careful about accepting the job. He's not sure if he thinks accepting the job would be good for Jun, considering how broken he is after years of being neglected by him. He hasn't told his friend yet he saw him the other day as well, fearing his friend would be worked up again. He knows that his friend still hasn't moved on because he works 12 hours slicing fish rather than going out and having fun like he used to. Yeah, his friend is precise when using his knife, he can take days off too right?

"Not really. I'm here because your mom wants to see you. My mom told me to tell you that your mom misses you."

"Awwww! Mom knows she can just call me anytime and I can go to her. She didn't really need to bother auntie."

"Well. That's all I need to say really. I think we need to go." Ohno says that when he noticed his boss standing up. Ohno stands up to and carries his bag but rather than walking out of the door like Ohno expected him to, He was walking towards the pair.

"Hi. I'm Ninomiya Kazunari." he introduces himself and hands Aiba his calling card. "I saw you a few days ago and I was wondering if I could talk to you?"

"Wha- Uhm. Ah. Sorry. I don't have my calling card right now. I'm Aiba Masaki. Yes. Sure. Please have a seat." Aiba gestures towards the chair next to Ohno. And he looks at Ohno, wordlessly telling him to sit as well. "Uhm. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Well you see, I saw you a few days ago with your companion and I was struck with an idea. And I was wondering if I can talk with you about it?" Nino says in a face Aiba can identify as a businessman's face.

"Idea? what kind of Idea? If I'm going to be honest, last night he told me about wanting me to join him in whatever idea it is you have." Aiba says suspiciously.

"Ah. Don't be suspicious. We aren't doing anything shady. It's a project I suddenly thought of when I saw you guys. Let's just say you guys are the reason we are even having the project in the first place." Nino smirked

"Could you please just tell me what this idea is first? You're talking in riddles and it's kind of annoying." Aiba sounded annoyed. Although if he has to be honest it has more to do with him being defensive because he's not sure if he can even say no.

"I want you to become a model for my upcoming pastry shop."
Uwaaa. I really get the feeling this will be long. hehe. I'm no where near sakumoto interaction yet. I'm setting the stage first :) I suddenly realized that all of a sudden it became a (Friendship?) haha. Let me know what you think and if you want anything to happen specifically :)

(no subject)

I'm posting because I'm actually copying her :)) HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIN CHAN! 18_sz! Haha. I really wanna post this because it's your special day and you deserve to be happy :D And for baptizing me with a new name :))))) I don't have a pic of you so I'll just post gifs I think would make you smile. :)

This because if you had a party I'd be dancing like this. And what better way to make you smile than seeing Nino sashaying his cute butt :)

This because if you had marshmallows in your party I'd probably be doing chubby bunny as well :))
(hehe I actually got this from you :)) Sorry I didn't edit it enough o.o)

Because I'm a dork and I'll video bomb you like this :))

I'll giggle like this because it's your birthday. Happy Birthday! :3 :*
(Sorry these are the only gifs I have in my laptop right now. I made these so don't worry :) )

Feb. 15th, 2016


Small rant

Ok so I suck right now. I just realized how common my name is and I can't use my name as a floor name at work. Because apparently someone else is named Nicole and there can't be multiple names in our work. So I'm wacking my brain thinking of a new nickname for myself and I feel heartbroken a bit. I've been joking I'd be fine being called Nicole2. hahaha. I dunno why but it broke my heart.

Any suggestions for a name? I'm thinking of Cookie but it seems superficial. Japanese names are fine as well. Please? Anyone? Just to make myself feel good about this thinking of a nickname thing?

Jan. 24th, 2016


Answer for question 4598.

Are you introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in the middle? How does this affect your day-to-day life? Is there any particular time you wish you could be more reserved or more outgoing?
I believe the term you are looking for is ambivert. I am a hard core introvert but that doesn't mean I don't like being the center of attention. Stop stereotyping. Just because I like being alone doesn't mean I don't like travelling or even other people. (These kinds of questions tick me off big time.)

Nov. 26th, 2015



Happy Birthday Oh-chan :3 <3

Disclaimer: I’m sorry. But I don't mean to be the cause of anyone's ire but I really needed to get this off my chest. I feel guilty for not even providing pictures as evidences but I guess I need to say what’s on my mind. So if ever anyone really gets mad at me I’m sorry but this is my opinion.

[I hope no one gets mad]I’m posting this because I’ve been bothered by the amount of people who say that “There is no one else better than Toma to be the 6th member.” Well yeah. Toma kept joking about it lately.

(Post isn’t mine.)

But if I’m going to be honest I think it was only because it was of his interview from TOKIO.

(I'll don't have a link here. I'll post when I can find it.)

Here are the list of factors that I thought why Arashi is 5人 (Nothing more nothing less)

Group Dynamic

Arashi has established what they are individually. We all know that they can stand alone by themselves in terms of popularity. But they admitted multiple times that they can never be what they are without the help of one another. That despite going to Hollywood for a movie, or abroad to broadcast about the news, they still have the need to ground themselves as Arashi after.
Imagine if another person was in the picture. Would he feel the same? Would he be as passionate about “Arashi” as the other 5? And I was also thinking along the lines. If another member would exist, would the ice age be there as well?
I’m bringing the ice age in this picture because, if we think about it, Arashi is very grounded because of this period in their career. Would MatsuJun still be the one to give Arashi it’s breakthrough from the ice age? How would the sixth member contribute? I’m sorry but somehow this has turned out to be a theory post.


I said in the previous point that they established themselves individually. So within the group they have this so called leader of their own right. Like fishing leader, MC leader, concert leader and so on and so forth. So within Arashi, what kind of role would he play? The only possibility I can think of is that there are 3 stoic members and 3 aloof members. So yeah in this it is possible to include someone else. But I’m still unsure. What can the 6th member give to compliment Arashi? As I’ve said, their individuality give colours to what Arashi really is.

Being Entertainers

Another thing about Arashi that I’d like to point out is that Arashi takes being entertainers in a weird level. They are an Idol group but if you watch them they are more than that. Well they aren’t as wild as Kanjani8 or as cool as TOKIO. But they have their own mild craziness. I dunno. I have this impression of Arashi that they never do fan-service. Whatever they do, it’s what they really feel, it’s like they never need a script they’re so natural. To the point where they joke around that Ohno doesn’t talk much on shows because that’s how he naturally is. They show when they’re embarrassed, annoyed, amazed and playful. Maybe this is why I think when they make a mistake, the staff don’t edit them out because of how everyone reacts.

(I’ll post here when I find it. A bit too lazy to search gomen TwT)

I’m sorry but in this aspect I’d rather have Kazama Shunsuke as the 6th member in this aspect. Given, I’d choose a member only because of being entertainers. Kazama, I think is natural when he’s with them and very comfortable. But for me, even he can’t become 6th. As much as I like Kazama. (Sorry I just added my personal preference and opinion.)


I think this is most important. More than being entertainers, they are Arashi the boy band first right? If someone else comes, what kind of melody would they produce? We usually hear arashi in pairs, trios and all of them. Honestly, I feel wary of knowing what kind of sound they would make. And I’m kind of afraid they’d make subgroups like the other groups. I’m sorry but I don’t like that. I love Arashi because they are a single unit and they don’t feel the need to divide themselves. I don’t like other groups too much because of that. Would they still have solos? would they sing by 4’s as well?

We are the real 6th member

We’ve been with them. They’ve chosen us to be their 6th member. I’m sorry but I felt like everyone was asking for more when we already have one another. I don’t mean to be a brat but I feel like no one understand us but us.

I didn’t really want to make it as a list because I feel like I can expound more. I didn't expound too much because I feel like I'll be hated for even thinking this way so I'm sorry.

Nov. 7th, 2015


quick post

commemorative post. since today, Arashi is in Nagoya (My dream place to go in Japan) I will listen to Japonism. I purposely didn't listen to Japonism until now. so yeah. I'll go to class now :)) いってきます!

Oct. 17th, 2015


The Digitalian

Honestly? Just before I left the fandom I had the chance to download the digitalian album. but I didn't get to listen to it. I dunno why but something made me want to not listen to it. When I first listened to the album I didn't like everything. Well I did like Sho's because of it's weird upbeat. So I didn't get to really listen to it until now. Right now? I'm ditching the others and this album is on repeat. And it doesn't help I watched the concert. This is soo adorable to me I can't stop repeating it. Maybe in a few days I'll adore the next album too. zzz

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